Out of District Transfer Request Form
All students requesting an out of district transfer must complete a transfer request form every year.
Reference # 673692
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Enter your child's full legal name (First, Middle, Last, and Suffix (if applicable)):

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Note:  Texas Law requires school systems to use the name on the child’s birth certificate or name legally changed in court, please ensure the name you have entered above meets these requirements.
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In order to receive an email confirmation for your application, you must enter a working email address below.

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Please enter the current, Physical address where you and your child reside.  We must have a complete and accurate address in order to process your application.  The address must be the legal residence of the parent or legal guardian of the student for whom an application is being submitted.

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By Checking this box, I confirm the above address represents the legal residence of this child’s parent or legal guardian.  I understand that parents or guardians who use a fraudulent address for enrollment may be subject to restitution to the school district or other costs or fees under Texas law.   

Note:  Any inaccurate contact information at the time of processing may result in the inability to process your request.

Campus Requested:

If there is a sibling currently enrolled in the above school and he/she will return to the above school in 2013-2014, 2014-2015, please enter the following information:

Sibling's First Name   Middle:  
Sibling's Last Name   Suffix:  
Sibling's DOB:  ex: 08/31/2003  
Siblings Grade:  
Type of Transfer:          
If Other, please specify:

Name of Parent or Legal Guardian: (First, Middle Initial, Last, and Suffix (If applicable))

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Last Name   Suffix:  
In order to finalize your application, you must review the PSJA ISD Board of Education policy on Admissions.
  Terms and Conditions I have read and agreed on the above terms and conditions. I understand that if approved, the transfer is granted conditionally on student attendance including tardies, behavior, academic effort and that the transfer may be revoked. I understand that transportation to the requested school is my responsibility.

Please click on the "Submit my application: button below once you have carefully checked your information and your requests.  A page will follow this submission page that will allow you to print your application, but you will NOT be able to make changes once you submit.  You will also be unable to submit another application for this child.  If you provided and email address, you will also receive an email confirmation of this application.

REMINDER:  Once you select the "SUBMIT my application" button, you will not be able to make changes to your application